Journal Articles

Alfredo Martin, Aleta Sprague, Amy Raub, Bijetri Bose, Pragya Bhuwania, Rachel Kidman, Arijit Nandi, Jere Behrman & Jody Heymann (2024). The intergenerational effect of tuition-free lower-secondary education on children’s nutritional outcomes in Africa, Global Public Health, 19:1.

Working Papers

Alfredo Martin (2021). "Does Free Tuition Help or Hinder the Poor?". Ph.D. Disstertation, Georgia State University

Work in Progress

Key, K. and Martin, A. "Following the Herd: Asymetric Peer Effects in Cooperative Behavior"
Martin, A. "Technical Education, Economic Shocks and Unemployment Duration"
Kreisman, D., Martin, a., and Villeros, J. "The Effect of Passing CTE Technical Assessment Exams in High School on College Enrollment"

Policy Briefs

Cross-State Analysis, Georgia Policy Labs (with Celeste Carruthers, Shaun Daugherty and Daniel Kreisman)