Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant in Poverty and Inequality

Undergraduate Economics program. Georgia State University.
Fall 2016.

Graduate Student Instructor in Statistics

Master in Public Policy. University of Michigan.
Spring 2016, Fall 2015
Students' Comments (Full Evaluation):

"Alfredo was great. He knew the material well and was always prepared. He was a gracious GSI!"
"I didn't utilize office hours frequently, but from what I observed in section Alfredo was always well prepared and did a good job explaining concepts clearly."
"Alfredo was wonderful! He was always very helpful and open and kept class in a good cheer."
"Alfredo was always prepared for section, and knew which parts of the course students were likely to struggle with. He was very accommodating with office hours and would set more when we had an exam or quiz coming up. He tried very hard to get everyone to understand ..."
"Alfredo was a fantastic GSI! He was incredibly responsive to my questions, not only in office hours but also by staying after section and responding to emails. He made section very entertaining, which was a lifesaver late on Friday afternoons. I'm really grateful for all his help and humor."
"The GSI and prof didn't always explain concepts using the same terminology"
"Alfredo is one of the most patient GSI's I have ever experienced. Flexible, adaptive, and responsive - he made himself available whenever I struggled with the course content. His section instruction was light and fun, taking the tension out of a difficult subject."

Teaching Assistant in Economics

Law School. University Diego Portales.
Spring 2013, Fall 2012

Teaching Assistant in Law and Economics

Law School. University Diego Portales.
Spring 2012

Other Activities


AEFP (2020)
Georgia State Labor/Health Summer Seminar (2019, 2020)
Jornadas de Derecho Ambiental. Universidad Diego Portales (2013)